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Usher in the New Year at Munick Bistro & Bar with DJ Mintz! NYE Bash tickets ₹1000 onwards!

If your phone is buzzing with the same ol' question, "Kya scenes for NYE?", then we might be having an answer for you! Munick Bistro and Bar, seated here in Gomti Nagar, is inviting over its patrons for its NYE partaayyy and if your budget is a little tight but you still wanna have a gala anyway, then this bistro is for you to be at.

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In a first, Lucknow's Munick has introduced Liquor Buffet Fridays at just ₹1200!

There are ample of reasons why Munick Bistro and Bar ranks high in our list of places to visit when in and around Gomti Nagar and with every offer, they win our hearts even more each time. The music scene here makes us wanna shake a leg, the crowd here is always soaked in enthusiasm, the rustic decor is swanky and the food here keeps you digging till you burp out loud! Munick surely knows how to pulls us in and this time too, they are doling out offers which a true tippler can't turn down.

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