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Goa's Chitra Museum treasures the state's agrarian history with over 4000 artefacts!

Victor Hugo Gomes paid homage to the cultural aspects of Goan history by immortalising it in the annals of the Chitra Museum. Situated approximately 37 km from the capital city, this museum is home to more than 4000 vestiges that help visitors in tracing the evolution of traditional practices and modes of transportation. A detailed exploration of the archaic corridors of this place is a must for every tourist and townie alike, for the knowledge so gained will be more than re-visiting old history books!

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Experience an offbeat educational narrative about colonial architecture at Houses of Goa Museum

Located at a distance of hardly 8 km from Panaji, the Houses of Goa Museum provides a glimpse into the prevalent architectural practices of colonial Goa. It is a hidden gem located in the hamlet of Salvador-do-Mundo and it was conceptualised by Goa's famous architect- Gerard Da Cunha. If you wish to know what the confluence of the east and west looks like, then tag along with us as we give you a peek through this historical window!

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An oasis of creativity & a window to Goan stories, the Museum of Goa is a celebration of art!

An artistic display depicting the history of Goa through a medley of artistic works, the Museum of Goa is one of the largest contemporary art spaces of the state. Open to the public since 2015, this museum has been telling Goan stories in a novel and playful manner, through various events such as music concerts, open art classes, workshops, exhibitions and much more. So whenever in this locale, don't miss out on this unique opportunity of knowing the history of the sunshine state at MOG!

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