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Lucknow's newest high-end bar, Distillery is recreating the Roaring Twenties in 2021!

Providing a panoramic view of Lucknow from the 16th floor of Rohtas Summit while blanketing its patrons in a luxe embrace, Distillery is the city's newest high-end bar. A Gurugram-based establishment and the brainchild of the curators of Molecule, The Drunken Botanist and Viet: Nom, Distillery is here to snag the limelight from the herd and how!

Aspiring to recreate the epoch of the Roaring Twenties, this swanky property is taking us back to the vintage era of gramophones, cigars, gangsters and more. Infusing inspirations from a bygone era along with contemporary styles and textures, to match up to 2021's penchants, Distillery is a handmade hybrid of the old and new. Read on to find out why you've gotta be here ASAP!

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The paws of Fat Tiger reach Lucknow, imprinting the newest & coolest hangout spot in town!

Fat Tiger has set its paw in Lucknow and it's adding an elaborate dash of magnificence to your regular quick service meals. A momo and tea shop at the core, Fat Tiger is a brand that is famed for bringing the garnish of exotic flavours at pocket-friendly prices. In a single booth here, you can find grubs and beverages that come with a myriad of flavours and textures and are bound to give you legit foodgasms!

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Lucknow's first Premium Retrobar, VintClub is here to redefine the city's fine-dine scene!

Be it any occasion or just a hankering without a reason or rhyme, you can fall back on Lucknow to serve you with whatever you've been craving for. Simultaneously, along with the evolving dining preferences, the needs and lifestyles of the masses here have altered as well! Sharing a drink or two over good food and conversations has now become a trend, even within families, starting from the millennials to the oldies.

So if you're looking forward to a fam dinner soon and are scouting for an eatery which would heed to the needs of all, even the finickiest ones, then you can't miss out on Lucknow's premium retro bar, VintClub!

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Challenge your appetite with the exclusive Beery Burger Challenge at Lucknow's The Beer Cafe

All of us have that one friend who is the official food hogger of the group and no matter what is put on the table, its all swept clean within minutes of other people giving up; sometimes, we are that friend. Thus, when food and drink challenges are thrown at us, we like to take it by the horns and finish off in style of course! So honouring this enthu of all the foodies out there, for the first time everrr, The Beer Cafe has introduced a Beery Burger Challenge which requires us to channel our inner Joey Tribbiani and we've got the deets covered for ya'.

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Try out these 6 pizzerias in Lucknow for your slice of a cheesy affair with woodfired pizzas

We can pour out all the fancy words from the dictionary to describe the feeling which a pizza can stir in us but it'll never be enough. Be it a large Margherita Pizza for lunch, a BBQ one for dinner or last night's Pepperoni leftovers for breakfast, a good pizza will never disappoint us. But you know what delights us a bit more than the usual pizzas we loooveee to hog on? WOODFIRED PIZZAS! Yaasss! Woodfired pizzas are on a whole other level of being yummyyy and keeping this in mind, we've chalked out 6 pizzerias in Lucknow where you can grab your share of it!

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