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UP Sanskrit Sansthan to offer online Sanskrit speech training to foreign students

Aiming to inspire and cultivate love for the Sanskrit language, the Uttar Pradesh government has implemented an extensive online educational program. As per the latest developments, the state administration is attempting to include foreign students in this intiative, in order to amplify the scope of this scheme. With an expanded count of pupils, this project will drive enhanced learning and study in the Vedic language.

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More than 8.5k pupils register for free Sanskrit classes in UP including doctors & engineers!

In a bid to encourage people towards learning Sanskrit, the Uttar Pradesh government had started a new initiative to provide free virtual classes. As per the latest developments, over 8,533 individuals have registered for the online classes in the month of July alone. Notably, the group of applicants consists of doctors, engineers and other professionals, which is quite indicative of the growing interest and curiosity about the language.

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