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Try out these 6 pizzerias in Lucknow for your slice of a cheesy affair with woodfired pizzas

We can pour out all the fancy words from the dictionary to describe the feeling which a pizza can stir in us but it'll never be enough. Be it a large Margherita Pizza for lunch, a BBQ one for dinner or last night's Pepperoni leftovers for breakfast, a good pizza will never disappoint us. But you know what delights us a bit more than the usual pizzas we loooveee to hog on? WOODFIRED PIZZAS! Yaasss! Woodfired pizzas are on a whole other level of being yummyyy and keeping this in mind, we've chalked out 6 pizzerias in Lucknow where you can grab your share of it!

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These 7 unique non-veg pizzas in Lucknow will have you drooling in no time!

Pizza was there when they didn't text us back. Pizza didn't ask questions when we ate it stale, two days later for breakfast. Pizza has been there for our unplanned sleepovers. Pizza has been by our side on our happy days and the sad ones too. So basically, pizza is not just another food item; it is an eternal emotion for us and it goes straight to our hearts!

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