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THIS 80-minute drive from Indore will take you closer to the stars!

Bored of the usual work-from-home weekdays and 'Netflix & chill' weekends? Yeah, we understand! So if you are looking for a hatke plan to sort your boredom, we have got you covered! Take an 80-minute drive from Indore to Jantar Mantar in Ujjain and learn about the ways by which revolutions and positions of celestial bodies were calculated in the bygone age. Built in 1725, this is the only ancient observatory in India where research work is still carried on to this day. Read on to get a free virtual tour of this astronomical monument before you plan your visit.

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Numerous attempts of reintroducing Asiatic Lions were made in THIS national park of Madhya Pradesh

An oasis settled amid the otherwise rocky terrain of the Vindhyas, Kuno National Park has been associated with legends since time immemorial. Stories of developing this area as a national park trace their way to the early 1900s, when King Madhavrao Scindia made an effort to revive the population of lions in this area. While his dream couldn't be actualised, his trailblazing efforts inspired the ideation of turning this place into a habitat for a myriad of flora and fauna. A 7-hour drive from Indore, let's explore more such chronicles attached to this park, also known as the Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.

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