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Plan a trip to Goa's ancient capital & unearth the roots of the state's history

Among the historical harbours of India, the ports of Goa have played an important role in maritime trade since time immemorial. These ports, including the one at Chandrapura (modern-day Chandor), have helped in turning Goa into an important trade centre. Seated on the bank of Paroda or Kushavati River, a tidal tributary of the River Zuari, approximately 30 km from the sea, the port at Chandor is claimed to be the oldest port of Goa. Read on to step into the history of one of the oldest ports in India and unearth its hidden gems.

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Unearthing the remnants of THIS historic cemetery in Goa!

Famous for its picturesque beaches, nightlife and Portugal-inspired architectural gems, Goa, is also home to some underrated places of historic importance as well. One of such least known places in the coastal state is the British Cemetery, probably the only reminder of their brief occupation in Goa. Ruins of this protected site can be spotted on the road heading to Raj Bhavan, in Dona Paula.

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Recharge in the lap of Mother Nature with a short getaway to THIS island in Goa!

A place where life stands frozen in time, Divar Island is an unexplored and uncommercialised haven for anyone looking to ditch their city life for a while. Located at a distance of hardly 10 km from the capital city of Goa, this island is synonymous with innate charm, beauty and serenity. Connected to old Goa only through ferry services, plan a visit to Divar Island when the pandemic recedes, especially if you enjoy indulging in vintage Portuguese architecture.

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Adorned with aesthetic bliss, Goa's Japanese Garden presents picturesque portraits of nature

If you are enticed by the quintessence of oceanic and aquatic beauty, the picturesque horizons of the Arabian Sea will surely leave you spellbound. Amid a string of notable locations offering this spectacle of delights from the coastal state of Goa, the Japanese Garden located in Mormugao Port Trust Colony, promises you some truly unmatched experiences. Crowing the top of a hill called Sada in Vasco Da Gama, this garden is a must-visit for souls obsessed with scenic sunrises and sunsets!

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Declared as a heritage site in Goa, once upon a time THIS causeway was Asia's longest bridge

Once considered to be the longest bridge in entire Asia and perhaps still the oldest in India, is Goa's Ribandar Causeway. Also referred to as the Ponte de Linhares bridge, it is said to have been constructed around 1634 and has now been standing for almost 387 years! Let's journey along this 11-km-long causeway to know more about its importance.

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