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After brewing a tea-volution in Lucknow since 1964, it's time for Planter's to shut down!

Taking a seat in Lucknow way back in 1964, Planter's Tea Bar & Book Cafe gradually became a pally name that resonated with the youth and the oldies, alike. Starting with Roop Narayan Gupta dealing with loose tea to his grandson, Vasu, serving an expansive range of exquisite tea varieties to Lucknowites amid a contemporary cafe setup, this brand has chronicled an uphill journey since its inception. But the confines of the pandemic and its repercussions have now led to the shuttering of this iconic establishment and we don't think we're ready to bid goodbye just yet!

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Approximately 316-km away from Lucknow, the legacy of Jhansi awaits your arrival!

Located at a distance of approximately 316-km from Lucknow, Jhansi lies cradled in the western part of the upland Bundelkhand area, just west of the Betwa River. It has been a prominent tourist hub since ages for its historical significance, forts, monuments and tales of the pre-independence era. This place is also known for the times when Rani Lakshmi Bai, Nana Sahib and Tatya Tope planned the revolt of 1857. So if you're a history buff who is planning to explore the pages of historical events or a photographer who wants to catch a few moments on a roll, then head here for a quick getaway from Lucknow!

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With a sack full of Christmas deals this season, Lucknow's Boombox is the Santa we all NEED!

If your phone is flashing with messages like "bro what's the scene for Christmas wali chhuti?", "Christmas plans banao yaar" or "Have you decided on a place for the Christmas party yet?", then you've chanced upon the correct article. Your search for places to let loose with your besties or to go on a Christmas brunch date ends right here, with Boombox Bar Xchange making offers that can't be resisted! In fact, SHOULD NOT be resisted especially because 'tis the season to make merry!

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A part of Lucknow's heritage landscape, Kudiya Ghat still stands its ground in the tides of time

Although Lucknow is famed for its historical monuments of the bygone era and intricate architectural samples which loop in hordes of tourists from all over the globe, the ghats of the city somehow fail to grab the equal amount of footfall or even attention. Adding to the city's scenic beauty, the Lucknow ghats are where one can choose to stroll around while inhaling the freshly churned air out of the flowing Gomti and picturesque views which are ought to calm the mind. One such ghat in Lucknow which has provided employment to the locals since ages now while pulling in the Bollywood fraternity to its banks, is Kudiya Ghat.

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Hangout at these 5 places in Lucknow to wrap up the last stretch of 2020

Winters are always special in Lucknow but visiting the same ol' places, eating the same food and doing the sameee things can be really monotonous. Hence, this season if you've donned Vespucci's hat in a bid to explore new places in town, then Lucknow is bound to surprise you with a legion of options. Ranging from swanky restobars for you to shake a leg at to cafes which just sit in your head and heart, Lucknow has it all. So keeping y'all in mind, we have listed 5 places for you to visit in the city and we bet, this winter is gonna be absolutely lit AF!

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