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Immunity drive paces in Jaipur as state receives 4.6 lakh vaccination doses on Monday

The state of Rajasthan replenished its vaccine stocks with the arrival of a new consignment on Monday, consisting of about 4.6 lakh vaccine doses. With this, the state has received around 49 lakh vaccine doses in July, actively pushing its vaccination campaign across all districts. With the arrival of the new consignment, the immunity programme in Jaipur has also been scaled. Until now up to 32,97,240 doses have been administered in the capital city.

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Rajasthan becomes the fourth state to administer COVID vaccine to over 2 crore

Amid the perils of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rajasthan has emerged as the fourth state in India to administer the anti-virus jab to over 2 crore people. With this rapid vaccination strategy and the high target achievement rate, around 21.5% of the state's population have been given the first jab, while 4.3% are completely immunised with both doses. Earlier, only Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat had achieved the 'over 2 crore inoculation feat' in the country.

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