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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test rate slashed to ₹50 in Jaipur & other districts in Rajasthan

In view of the rising COVID cases and the consequent surge in the demand for testing, the government of Rajasthan has reduced the rate of Rapid Antigen Test in the state. In line with the order issued by the administration on Tuesday, private labs can not charge more than ₹50 (including taxes) for a RAT to detect COVID-19 in Rajasthan. According to reports, this is the lowest rate of RAT in India at present.

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Rajasthan government fixes the price for Rapid Antigen Test at ₹200

Sending a sigh of relief among the financially stressed residents of Rajasthan, the government has fixed the price of the rapid antigen test for COVID at ₹200. The decision to charge only the fixed price from patients is applicable to all private labs and hospitals. This verdict by the state government has been issued to tackle the pandemic scenario in Jaipur and other state districts as it will bring quick results and patients will receive a fast medical response.

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