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Satiate your wanderlust with a virtual exploration of THESE 7 ghats of Kanpur

Kanpur lies along the banks of River Ganga and owing to this, it is home to numerous ghats, each of which has a unique aspect attached to it. In fact, Kanpur's Bithoor area was once known as 'Bavan Ghaton ki Nagari' (City of 52 Ghats), of which only 29 survived the Revolt of 1857, industrialisation and other adventitious projects. In an attempt to acquaint you with the historical and religious significance of this city, we have planned an offbeat digital tour along the 7 ghats of Kanpur that you ought to know about!

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Chronicling a lesser-known battle fought during the 1857 revolt in Lucknow: Battle of Chinhat

164 years ago, on 30 June 1857, the Chinhat area of today's Lucknow was covered in gore as Indians launched an attack against the East India Company. Led by sepoy mutineer, Barkat Ahmad, the village of Ismailganj was the first to fire upon the British troops, whereby, many of the enemy soldiers collapsed and the General ordered the rest to retreat. Let's revisit this small yet significant victory that transformed into a five-month-long siege of the British Residency in Lucknow.

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Know how Indore's Mhow Cantonment has carried itself as a military stronghold since 1857

Touted as the oldest military cantonment in India, MHOW (also known as Mau) was founded by Sir John Malcolm in 1818 after the Treaty of Mandsaur was signed between the then Holkar King and British Government. An acronym for Military Headquarters of War, the history of this cantonment dates back to the First War of Independence (1857). Further, the prominence of this place has increased manifolds due to its relation with eminent personalities, such as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. So embark upon a virtual journey with us, as we unfurl the stories of MHOW.

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THIS courtesan of Kanpur became a warrior & strategist when the Britishers came knocking!

The image that forms in our mind, upon hearing the word 'courtesan', is that of a dancer and never of a warrior. However, to the utter dismay of popular portrayal, courtesans played a crucial role during the Revolt of 1857. Today, we are narrating the story of an unsung warrior, Azizun Bai, whose efforts in the decisive Seige of Cawnpore have been lost in the labyrinth of history. While there were no wealth, territory or other personal benefits she would've gained, had India won yet she fought against the Britishers for the sake of freedom.

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