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Make the most out of 'Brunch Day' with unlimited food & beverages at Lucknow's Black Brewhouse

Emerging as the town's favourite shade of chill, the Black Brewhouse is hosting a lavish brunch this Sunday and you are invited to indulge in it. Loosen your belts to gobble down unlimited food and bottomless barrels of beverages, to get the party started. And when there's live music to accompany the revelry, well, who can stop you from having a good time?!

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Partyholics take note! LBW opening on March 7, is Lucknow's newest chill hub

Over the recent years, Lucknow has become a hotspot of a thriving party culture with prominent brands from all over India taking a seat here in the city. These fairly new chill hubs have surely amped up the nightlife of Lucknow like never-before and joining this legion of party places in the city, is Lakhnavi Brew Works.

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