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Special guidelines issued for travellers from Goa to Karnataka, details below

Amid the rise in Covid cases nationally, the Karnataka Government issued new surveillance measures for passengers arriving from Goa. These passengers will now have to mandatorily produce a negative RT-PCR report not older than 72 hours. Karnataka Health Department has informed about the order through its official social media handle. Notably, both Karnataka and Goa have been marked as states of concern by the Ministry of Health Affairs (MHA).

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Negative RT-PCR report mandatory for passengers travelling from Maharashtra to Indore

In a step to curb the spread of COVID-19, the authorities of Maharashtra and Indore have taken an important decision on Monday. As per reports, the airport authorities of Indore have made a negative RTPCR report mandatory for all passengers coming from Maharashtra. The decision has been taken by the health department and airport officials of Indore after estimating the growth in the daily passenger traffic from Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune and Gondia to the city.

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