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'Traffic Brigade' to be deployed in Lucknow for regulation of vehicular movements

In a bid to streamline vehicular movements in the city, a new Traffic Brigade (TBR) will be deployed at major intersections and crowded areas of Lucknow. New individuals will be hired for this purpose, whose task will be to enhance the governance of the traffic conditions. Interested youths will be employed under this initiative and thus, the move does not only focus on improving the traffic in the city but also comes as an employment opportunity for those in need.

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UP-112 to promote road and traffic safety; 18 PRVs deployed on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway

To ensure security and cooperation to passengers and travellers passing through the state, the Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to deploy UP-112 emergency service police personnel at state highways and expressways. The duties of these officers will further include providing information related to routes, refreshments, hotels, hospitals and any other essential facilities to the commuters.

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E-challans soon to be issued to all traffic rule violators in Lucknow & other districts of UP

Lockdown 4.0 has come with its own set of relaxations which has eased out our outdoor movements considerably. This has also triggered traffic on the streets once again but now the authorities have come up with a way to handle it more efficiently. From 15th of June onwards you'll be charged an e-challan if you are found guilty of disobeying traffic lights or sliding through set speed limits, anywhere in Uttar Pradesh.

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