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Calm & serene, THIS trek in Mumbai offers cosmic views of the 'city of dreams'!

Hidden from the usual public eye, a peaceful trekking point in Mumbai continues to avow every tourist who finds it out. Famed as 'Jambulmal', the spot is situated at an altitude of 1535 feet above sea level. Placed in the heart of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali, the riveting location is encircled by dense green forests. It displays a different shade of the 'city of dreams', winning over the hearts of amateurs and experienced trekkers alike!

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Pick up your trekking gear for a journey from Mumbai to the highest peak in Maharashtra

What's green, brings tranquillity and thrill at the same time? For us, it is the serene landscape of the Sahyadri range from the highest peak of Maharashtra, the Kalsubai Peak! So if you too want to experience this serenity, we'd suggest you escape the draining city drill and head to this verdant locale located at a distance of approximately 153 km from Mumbai!

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Take a detour from the beaches of Goa & don your explorer hat for a hike to the Yana Caves!

Nestled in the evergreen forests of Western Ghats, at a distance of about 161 km from Goa, Yana Caves is where your hiking plans will turn to reality. From the intriguing tales of Bhasmasur and Lord Vishnu to the stunning sight of luxuriant greenery around the enchanting Vibhooti Falls, these monumental caves provide for the ideal getaway from the sun and sand of Goa!

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Away from crowds, head to Mohadi Falls in Indore with a picnic basket & camera in hand!

Every now and then, all of us get tired of the city rush, hectic schedules, pollution and what not! There is no escaping the city forever but you can always take a pause to untangle the knots in your mind. And what better way to do it than heading to a waterfall amidst a jungle!? Lying 30 km from Indore, Mohadi Falls is where you can drive to, in order to relax and let go of all the negativity accumulated in the bustle of your everyday life!

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