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Schools in Lucknow & other UP districts to introduce a new 'realisation curriculum'!

In an attempt to revamp the academic ecosystem, a 'realisation curriculum' will be introduced in 150 schools across Lucknow and 14 other districts of Uttar Pradesh. Under the pilot project starting from the 2022-2023 session, students of grades 1 to 5 will take part in activities related to 'realisation curriculum'. As a part of this initiative, students will get to learn about the fundamentals of a happy and peaceful life.

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Primary School teachers to now be included in 'Corporate Appraisal' structure in Uttar Pradesh

The Basic Education Department of Uttar Pradesh has announced the introduction of a 'corporate appraisal' system for teachers and principals of all primary schools in the state. If the teachers are seeking a promotion or a raise in salary, they will have to 'earn points' for that now. Attempting to reduce corruption in the system, the latest intervention would renovate the education sector of Uttar Pradesh.

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Offline classes to run in a single shift for classes 9-12 in Lucknow & other UP districts

Schools across UP have been shut since the outbreak of the pandemic, just like in the other states but now to bring back normalcy in routines, the state government has taken a decision to resume offline learning for classes 9-12. All the schools, irrespective of their educational boards, have been mandated to run in a single shift and the timings have been marked from 10 AM to 3 PM. An order to this effect was issued on Monday night.

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