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UP's Sewa Mitra to help in hiring trained professionals in Lucknow, Kanpur & 5 other dists

If you are looking for a handyman to help fix the house plumbing or a barber to help you with haircuts at home, then the state government's Sewa Mitra will prove helpful. The aim of setting up this online platform is to bridge the gap between customers and local service providers. Now functional in Lucknow, Kanpur and 5 other districts of UP, this platform helps in securing services of trained professionals and is based on geo-location, in both urban and rural areas.

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Did you know? THIS lawyer from Uttar Pradesh argues, drafts & files court cases in Sanskrit ONLY!

'Aham sanskritam vadami'- Do you need Google's help in translating this, which simply means- 'I speak Sanskrit'? Then think what those judges do, in front of whom Acharya Shyam Upadhyay argues his cases! Touted as the only lawyer in India to do so, he has been honoured by the Human Resource and Development Ministry with the 'Sanskrit Mitram' award in 2003. If you find his efforts in keeping this ancient language alive in today's era to be laudable, then tag along with us to know more about his fondness for Sanskrit.

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UP's Shravasti declared COVID- free as district registers 0 active cases

Uttar Pradesh's Shravasti was recently in the limelight when the Chief Minister declared it COVID-free. As per the latest reports, no fresh cases of infection have been reported here and the tally of active cases has also been marked at zero. On Wednesday, the district administration of Shravasti was lauded by the apex authority for its efforts in checking the spread of COVID-19 and other cities were urged to emulate the example set by Shravasti.

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Trees more than 20 years old to be translocated in UP to make way for developmental projects

In a move that focuses on preserving the environment, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided that it shall translocate trees instead of cutting them down. However, this rule shall be applicable only on trees that are more than 20 years old. In compliance with this decision, the State Forest Department successfully translocated a peepal tree, which was on the Mohanlalganj-Gosaiganj route in Lucknow, to another location, on Tuesday.

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With the infection curve flattening, Lucknow & Kanpur register 0 fatalities for 2 consecutive days

The pandemic situation in Uttar Pradesh seems to be under control as on 3 July, 204 patients have been discharged while 112 positive cases have been reported. Among these 112 cases, 17 have been registered in Lucknow and 7 in Kanpur. However, the silver lining is that no patients have succumbed to their conditions in these two cities, in the past 2 days. Further, no positive cases have been reported in 36 other districts of UP.

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