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Vintage Machine's 'Inferno Episode 1' is going live in Lucknow this Friday!

A buzzing Friday night is on the cards for you all partyholics in town as Inferno Episode 1 is going live at the Vintage Machine in Lucknow on October 22. Backed by the Rude Box Entertainment, this lit event is bringing you the coolest DJ line up and trust us, it's all you need to let down your hair and welcome the weekend! Get ready to groove and have fun, for a chance like this might not knock on your door any time soon again!

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Lucknow's Vintage Machine to host coffee connoisseurs & cocktail epicures from Monday!

Mondays aren't usually greeted with much gusto but this upcoming one will be because both the outlets of Vintage Machine in Lucknow are hauling up their shutters from June 21. This simply means that now we can easily slake our thirst for a perfect cup of java at their cafe and if the heart craves something stronger than caffeine, VM's cocktail bar will have our back!

Are you internally grinning like a Cheshire cat too? Have you already planned an upcoming hangout in your head? Because we clearly have!

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For a happening yet safe NYE gala, Lucknow's Vintage Bar is going the extra mile!

To save you from the same ol' generic parties, Vintage Kitchen & Cocktail Bar is here with its NYE gala, so that you can go ahead and say hello to 2021 in a swanky style! With a slew of badass performers and kick-ass deals, Vintage is going the extra mile to make sure that everyone who comes here, has a memorable start to the upcoming year.

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Lucknow's newest cocktail bar is all set to become a haven for boozeheads & coffee lovers alike!

Lucknow has no dearth of chills hubs, which is exactly why we're left muddled when it comes to deciding on a place where we can actually let our hair down with our squad. So if you've been planning on huddling with your besties this weekend yet haven't decided on a place yet, then we'd recommend you to head out to the latest outlet of Vintage Machine, coming up in Summit, Vibhuti Khand. Slated to open its gates on the 4th of December, this version of Vintage Machine set to become an obsession with its latest coffee cum cocktail bar in Lucknow.

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7 must-eat burgers in Lucknow, that'll make you burp out loud with a happy heart!

Burgers are the ultimate feel-gooood food which can be eaten as a snack or even as a whole meal, complete with fries and Coke on the side. It has always been a go-to option when we don't know what to order or are hungry for a cheesy treat! The taste of the char rubbed on the meat after it hits the hot grills and of course, the seasoned fillings just has us droolin' like a dog in front of a bone. The gooey feeling of sinking our teeth into a tender and juicy toasted burger, lapped with cheese, packed with veggies or ground-up meat, is simply too alluring to be resisted. So move over your regular Zingers and Big Macs because we've listed down 7 must-try burgers in Lucknow, which will leave you cravin' for more!

Mutton Burger at Rover's

When you're craving for a good ol' burger, Rovers is where you should be at! No matter how many fancy joints pop up in the city, Rover's will forever be our companion on good days and even on the not-so-good ones. The Mutton Burger here feels like love wrapped in a bun and we can never get enough of it.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger at Vintage Machine

Vintage is another preferred place when it comes to hogging on a good burger. Although they have an entire range of fancy burgers, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger deserves every foodie's attention. Couple this one with any of their chilled beverages and you'll be sorted for the day!

The Messy Burger at Burgrill

The name itself, says it all! The Messy Burger is a juicy blend of a thick cheesy chicken patty and soft buns, which just makes for a hot mess and there's no shying away from going all in with your hands on this one. Burgrill serves a range of burgers and all of them are worth a try but this one, specifically, has us droolin' by the mere mention of it.

Tandoori Chicken Makhani Burger at Wat-A-Burger

If you're the kind who likes variety in their meals and a desi touch to everything, Wat-A-Burger is the place for you. Their Tandoori Chicken Makhani Burger is the real deal for us and we can never have enough of it! Pair it up with their epic Peach Iced Tea and you'll be burping away happily.

Chettinad Chicken Burger at BurgerFry

The Chettinad Chicken Burger at BurgerFry is wrapped in flavours from the south of India and is absolutely unique in taste. The smooth blend of their spicy zesty sauce comes with a mild coconut flavoured grilled chicken patty, combined with cheese and contained in freshly churned buns. It is a burger experience worth remembering!

Southern Fried Chicken Burger at Barcelos

Barcelos is famed for its flame-grilled chicken items and this place does chicken like no other in town. You can never go wrong with their burgers! They have an entire section dedicated to handcrafted gourmet burgers where you can choose your patty and the bun too. We'd suggest the Southern Fried Chicken Burger because that has our hearts since day 1.

Fish Surprise Burger at Burger Point

Burger Point is hands-down one of Lucknow's favourite burger spots. When here, you'll be confused AF because their entire menu consists of burgers which simply call out to be gorged on ASAP. Usually people go for the mutton or the chicken options but if you wanna try something alag, go for the Fish Surprise Burger and truly, the taste will have you surprised.

Hopefully, reading about this delicious list has your tummy growling and tongue craving for some cheeeeesy love! So chalk out your plans ASAP and head out with buddies and bae or simply, order in for a Netflix and chill night.