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The essence of being a child, still lingers in our adult hearts. Ours was the era of Ya Ali topping the charts, Sonpari-Pokemon-Beyblade on TV, Coca Cola meant flavoured ice sticks and ₹10 made us feel rich. *Sighs*

For us, 14th of November meant school functions a day prior to it which led to a holiday, smiling adults treating us to chocolates and no homework of course!

But now it’s time for us to take the reins to make Children’s Day a happy memory for the kids around so we’ve chalked down 5 things-to-do, today.

Visit the Zoo

Everyone loves the zoo and if you have a grumpy kid around or wanna become the favourite uncle or aunt, just take ‘em here.

The wilderness around always puts the kids in a bubble of curiosity and when here, they’ll not know what boredom is. This trip to the zoo will be on terms of edutainment too and along with loads of fun, they’ll have further insights into the wild. Be prepped to answer a lot of questions and just buy them candy floss while at it; you’ll be sorted for the day.

Trip Down the Memory Lane

Very often while talking to children, we start our stories on the lines of “back in the day” and how we wish to give the kids around, a taste of whatever we’ve had.

So playing on these very lines a little too literally, you can take your kiddos to the places with which you attach high nostalgic values. Make them a part of the charms of certain places, show them stories of specific lanes or make ‘em meet your mentors too. This drive or road trip will surely register as one of the most memorable experiences of their lives, where GenZ can finally connect to GenX and how.

Joyrides at Amusement Parks

One of the oldest tricks in the Book of Parenting, you can never go wrong with amusement parks unless you’re in the Final Destination series.

Amusement parks always guarantee lots of activities and this kinda family time is needed when you want to catch a break from the monotony! This will also allow you to connect with the little ones in your fam and Children’s Day is the perfect excuse.

So you can head over to Nilansh Theme Park for a day full of fun in the sun and alternatively, you could also opt for Anandi Water Park.

Free Treats for the Streets

The children on the streets especially deserve our love, care and attention- not only on a specific day but every day of the year. They are already victims of being adults in tiny bodies and the least we can do, is to make ‘em smile. And the best part? It doesn’t take much from our ends, to do so.

Grab a bag of treats and head to the streets and distribute them, wherever and whenever you see someone who needs your kindness. If you have provisions, you can also make arrangements for books, stationery, clothing and so on, which would actually help these lil’ ones.

Arcade Games FTW

Arcade games are immensely popular with all and Lucknow has quite a few options for us to try our hands at. Every kid we know simply jumps with joy at the sheer mention of visiting these ‘fun-zones’ or gaming cafes and it suits all ages.

So simply head over to the One Awadh Mall or Fun Republic with the youngsters and when here, you’ll know how time truly flies. Wrap up this visit with a fun dinner session and go back home with Cheshire smiles and tired feet; it'll all be worth it.

Knock Knock

We know that most of the children are cranky, needy and frankly, annoying the moment they learn how to use their pie-holes. But their skin and bones are also washed in innocence and curiosity! So it’s your job to set an example and what better day than this?

So now that we’ve chalked out these options to brighten up the day, hurry and start listing out your plans because we’re sure, your efforts will sit well in their hearts.

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