Christmas is the time of the year we look forward to with all our hearts. The presents, the cold, the cake and the wine makes us super excited about the festival & await the celebrations with bated breath. Though Kanpur may not have as many options as say Delhi or Mumbai, the city is at no dearth of places where you can enjoy the festive season and bring a cheer to your loved ones.

If you're in Kanpur this holiday season and are looking for a celebration to be a part of, well we have just the thing for you. Happening this Sunday, at Dhuaan- Status Club, this traditional Sunday brunch will make you forget all of your worries and bathe in the holiday cheer.

HO! HO! HO! It's the Holiday Brunch

We all know Dhuaan as a modern space that advocates fusion and bringing a progressive twist to the classic, yet this Christmas season, they are bringing a full fledged Christmas brunch that is traditional to its core.

At the Christmas Brunch, you can enjoy a traditional spread complete with over a 100 hundred dishes, bottomless cocktails, great music, and so much more. The outlet has been decorated with classic Christmas decor from fairy lights, wreaths and Christmas trees, ornaments to the red and white theme and the of course- the holiday cheer.

The brunch is an all you can eat Holiday affair, with bottomless sangrias, cocktails; all that at an extremely reasonable price point! Plus, the outlet has a special kids zone where you tiny tots can enjoy the festivities their way and create several merry memories.

Knock Knock

With so much to try, enjoy and look forward to, give Dhuaan a visit this Sunday and start off your Christmas festivities early this year. Make sure to save some space in your stomach, friends and family and have a joyous and merry Christmas celebration.

Date: Sunday, December 22nd

For Reservation Call: 7379501000

Price: ₹1499 for adults| ₹2499 for bottomless drinks | ₹999 for kids

Venue: Dhuaan, Status Club, 58 Cantonment Area, Tagore Road, Kanpur

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