The Lucknow-Delhi route is by far one of the busiest train routes in the country. Thousands of commuters travel between the two cities on a regular basis owing to the businesses and/or work they have here. Owing to the traffic, several trains had been running between the two cities on a regular, not anymore though.

Several trains running between the Lucknow-Delhi route have been cancelled, partially cancelled, diverted and even short-terminated. So if you have been thinking of or planning to travel on any one of the said routes, we have bad news for you.

Why and which trains?

The cancellations have been made owing to the track repair work that has been undertaken by the Northern Railways. Along with Lucknow, the renovation and maintenance work is also going on in Bareilly, due to which train facilities are likely to be severely affected.

Travellers can expect this block to last over 15 days and more, depending upon the speed and the kind of work the tracks require.

Cut-out taken from the official Indian Railways website

Gomti Express, Jan Sadharan Express, Faizabad-Delhi-Faizabad Express, Padmavat Express, Lichchivi Express, Varanasi Dehradun Express, are among the prominent trains that have been cancelled or terminated.

Among the cancelled trains there are a plethora of high speed and super fast trains, so if you are someone who has or wants to book tickets between 26th June to 13th July, make sure that the train you want to book isn't cancelled already.

While the work along Lucknow tracks is supposed to be done with by 13th July, the work on the Bareilly tracks will last only till 9th July.

Check out the list of cancelled trains at the official Indian Railways website here.

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