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School admissions have always caused headaches to parents and prospective students’ siblings. The problem in re-admission to good schools are the long, cumbersome processes, several visits to the school, the submission of documents, donating to the school and what not, the list of hassles is endless. Each year, almost 18 million parents stand in queues to get the admission form and have to make repeated trips to multiple schools to get their child admitted.

But no more. Uniform Application is a startup that aims to tackle precisely this issue and has come as a boon for parents of admission seekers.

What is Uniform Application?

Uniform Application is a startup by Harsh Karamchandani and Mohammad Yousuf. The web platform enables schools to replace their pen and paper admission forms with an online application form and simplify the whole process. From form distribution to result declaration, they’ve taken care of everything. As a result of this, the entire process becomes less time consuming and more convenient for parents. Apart from that, they even have a portal that allows parents to review schools within the cities and choose the ones best suited for their children.

Since they have made the procedure online, it gives the students a chance to explore the possibility of applying in more than one school. These days, most parents are working and physically going to a school would not be possible for them. With the help of Uniform Application, they can steer clear of the entire process and just get it done online. Though the parents were ecstatic about this new web platform, schools had a different opinion.

How did the idea come about?

Back In July 2017, Karamchandani and Yousuf started an ERP company to empower schools in Sitapur and Lucknow to manage their inventory and file GST returns. Following that, they got over 20 clients in just 4 months of the launch.

The founders

While working with schools, they witnessed the admissions system first hand which lead to something of a Eureka moment. Since they witnessed the problems that parents and schools faced during the admission cycle, they were driven to the idea of a common online admission platform for schools. They launched Union Application in October 2018.

How have they grown?

Since their inception, they have partnered with 10 schools in Lucknow and 1 school in Noida. They first school they formed an affiliation with was Jagran Public School, Lucknow in January 2019. Uniform Application is currently in talks with many more schools in Lucknow and Noida, and subsequently, plan to expand to other cities as well.

When starting out, they faced a lot of issues and were turned down by many schools in the city. Several schools were skeptical about Uniform Application’s process and felt that it would eliminate applications from many prospective admission seekers. Other schools felt no need to go forward with any kind of change, making it challenging to move ahead.

In fact, just a few weeks back, they launched Uttar Pradesh's First School Admissions Helpline at +91 84484 49215 to help parents find the best school for their child anytime, anywhere in Lucknow. The company overcame several hurdles in their path to success with grit and perseverance and have continued to grow ever since.

What sets them apart from the competition?

Other such companies have already begun sprouting in cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, but they focus only on the admission process. What Uniform Admissions does is that they integrate digital marketing and ERPs which help the school manage their resources and office functions using integrated applications.

They also take it upon themselves to declare results and bring all the important school related stuff on to one platform. Currently, they provide the service to schools at no fee but charge a minimal amount from parents who wish to use the solution.

About Uniform Application

Uniform Application is a startup that is the brainchild of Harsh Karamchandani and Mohammad Yousuf. Their services to schools and parents began in October 2018. Prior to that, they started an ERP company that helped empower schools in Lucknow and Sitapur. Currently, the company consists of five sharp young adults who are putting their best foot forward into the venture and, at the essence, the goal is make admission processes in schools much easier for everyone.

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