Wear helmets or lose your license because Lucknow Traffic Police will spare no one this time

If you are someone who avoids helmets and seatbelts, it’s about time you correct this habit because this time, you will not be spared. The scenario on the roads of Lucknow, has changed completely in the past two days and you must have all seen the Lucknow Police actively cutting challans of the rule breakers.

In a move to make Lucknow’s traffic more organized, safe and on the whole, a better experience, the Lucknow Traffic police is cracking down on rule breakers. Notably, these rule breakers are the ones that ride two wheelers without a helmet and a four wheeler without a seatbelt. To enforce this rule on a wide spread basis, Lucknow’s traffic police will soon begin to heavily fine violators and take away rule breakers’ driving licenses.

As part of the new move, traffic police officers will be given the authority to first give challans and then, after repeated violations, take away travellers’ license. The decision for the same was taken in a meeting that concluded on the night of June 13, 2019, Thursday.

The authorities stated that the number of rule violators was just too high and it was about time that they did something to curb these habits of Lucknowites. They have also stated that social media will be used to spread the message.

As per the decision taken by authorities, those spotted without helmets and seatbelts would be given challans of increasing prices for the first few violations, the first one being ₹500. Following the violations, a third or fourth violation would lead them to lose their license.

Only yesterday, the Lucknow Traffic Police cracked down on over 3,000 motorists, of which 300 were police officers themselves. Furthermore, 155 of these police officers were traffic cops themselves, and the message that this sends out to the general public is that no matter who you are, you’re not above the law.

In just the first two days of its implementation, the move seems to have brought about a change in Lucknowites’ riding and driving habits. Speaking of challans, the traffic police has also got 193 new thermal printers, which can be carried around by cops to give tickets instantly to rule violators, on the spot.

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