Jaipur is known for many things, it’s vibrant culture, the stunning monuments and picturesque natural beauty. Yet, the Hawa Mahal or ‘Palace of Winds’ has to be one of the most iconic monuments in the city. No matter how many days and how much time you spend in the city, the honeycomb monument still remains one of the most magnificent piece of architecture.

The Architecture

The Hawa Mahal palace was built in 1799 by Maharana Sawai Pratap Singh. It is made out of red sandstone in a shape that looks distinctly reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids. The small windows are arranged so that the structure of the palace represents that of a honeycomb.

The palace of winds could so well also be called the palace of windows because Hawa Mahal has exactly 953 small windows which are traditionally called ‘Jharonkha’. The main attraction of the palace is its back exterior with the windows and the interior zenana. Because of its simple beauty people often confuse the honeycomb to be the front of the palace, but the structure was merely meant to be stood in.

The Story

The Hawa Mahal palace is said to have been inspired by the Khetri Mahal, which had huge windows and arches to let optimum air in the compound which happened to be located in a desert. People often misconstrue the flow of wind to be the reason why this palace was built. Sawai Pratap Singh got the Hawa mahal constructed not to facilitate an optimum airflow but to provide the royal and rajput women with an opportunity to observe the streets and the market without being seen themselves.

The idea was to create a structure which would extend to the zenana- the chambers of royal women, allowing women a passage to the Hawa Mahal through which they could observe the markets. The jharonkhas or small windows were also decorated with lattice work to make sure that the women could enjoy the view without being seen. The parda system was at its peak in the time hence it was the only way for royal women to involve themselves in the day to day life.

What Else

Hawan Mahal is one of the most stunning architectural monuments you will lay your eyes upon. The many windows, the stories and the pink of the sandstone make it an appealing sight. Located at Badi Chowpal the Hawa mahal has its very own market where you can find some of the most beautiful handicraft and Rajasthani apparels. So if you want to indulge in a light shopping and sightseeing experience, head to Hawa Mahal and spend a day living like the royalty.

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Underground corridors of Jaipur Metro to soon become operational; inspection awaited

The commencement of Metro Phase IB in Jaipur metro will give rise to a better connected city, which is an important step towards progress.

The Pink City is on a quick path to development with the new and upcoming metro project. The metro is going to bring about a change in how commuters traverse in Jaipur, and now, citizens just may be a step closer to a functional metro.

The underground metro routes will soon undergo inspections from senior officials, which is a step towards making Jaipur Metro Phase IB a reality very soon. Construction for these underground routes has been completed and once the inspections are carried out, Jaipur metro will become functional for the people.

What's the update?


As part of the inspection, all aspects of Jaipur metro including track parameters, tunnel safety, stations, train systems and other safety precautions will be scrutinized. Such inspections are crucial when it comes to finalizing the metro as it ensures safe and seamless travels while on the metro.

The only thing remaining in the underground metro is the installation of signalling points. The technology helps manage train routes and the tracks themselves. Signalling is also vital in keeping metro trains punctual. Once the technology is implemented, the JMRC will invite the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) to solidify the whole project.

Phase II of the Metro


Earlier this month, reports suggested that the JMRC was opting for elevated tracks which would help cut down costs. Though that is the case for the metro Phase II, Phase IB will use the newly constructed underground tunnels. To clarify, Phase IA of the metro connects Chandpole to Mansarovar, which is an already functional route.

About Phase IA & IB

The underground metro is a direct expansion of the existing Chandpole to Mansarovar route (Phase IA). Authorities have stated that the goal is to have Phase IB, the expansion of Phase IA ready and operational by the end of March 2020.

The existing Phase IA currently covers a distance of 9.63-kilometers. Once the extension is complete, the total length of the route will be increased to a total of 11.97-kilometers. The Phase IB will have a length of 2.34-kilometers and will have two stations along the route.

The commencement of Metro Phase IB in Jaipur metro will give rise to a better connected city, which is an important step towards progress.

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