Houses of Ahmedabad: Exploring Jagdip Mehta's traditional heritage Haveli

Houses of Ahmedabad: Exploring Jagdip Mehta's traditional heritage Haveli

At the heart of Ahmedabad, Jagdip Mehta's haveli stands as a testament to classical Gujarati heritage with a touch of colonial grandeur.

Nestled within Ahmedabad's historic walled city, the home of Jagdip Mehta stands as an immaculately preserved relic of the timeless Amdavadi havelis. This architectural gem, steeped in heritage, seamlessly marries Gujarati elements with colonial influences. Home to Mr. Mehta and his family, the residence has been transformed into an inviting homestay, offering a glimpse into the city's rich history.

Architectural Heritage Revived

Once owned by a Nagar Brahmin extended family, this 20th-century haveli was part of a collection of houses in the Mota Suthar no Vado area and the surroundings of Khadia. Restored and revitalized by Jagdip Mehta, the house blends the quintessential Gujarati and Amdavadi architectural styles with traces of European aesthetics.

The haveli boasts an enchanting open courtyard called the chowk, where historical water harvesting systems still stand as testaments to the past. As you venture further, you'll encounter captivating examples of Gujarati woodwork, stucco artistry, and the traditional 'pol' culture. Embark on a journey of discovery, unraveling the meanings of intriguing terms like 'Todlo,' 'Dhumdiyu,' 'Tanka,' 'Paniyaru,' 'Baarshak,' and 'Dokabari' as you explore the nooks and crannies of the Mehta Haveli.

Adorned with exquisite designs, artworks, and artifacts, the house offers a portal to a bygone era. From vibrant flooring to inviting balconies, every piece of furniture and every corner beckons you to step back in time.

Today, the haveli is a homestay, where Jagdip Mehta and his family extend warm hospitality to numerous guests. Beyond accommodation, the Mehtas curate an array of cultural experiences, ranging from cooking lessons to traditional music performances, family interactions, and neighborhood walks. These endeavors encapsulate the essence of an authentic Gujarati experience, enriching the stays of visitors seeking a connection with the local heritage.

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Houses of Ahmedabad: Exploring Jagdip Mehta's traditional heritage Haveli
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