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Knocksense Shorts | Vacant space underneath Ranip's GST Bridge set to have food court & box cricket

The space, plagued by illegal parking and littering, will soon undergo a positive transformation.

Ranip's GST Overbridge is poised for a transformation as authorities have greenlit plans to revitalize the vacant space beneath it with a thematic approach. With a tender worth 2.48 crores recently issued by the corporation, the area, marred by illegal parking and littering, is set to undergo a constructive makeover.

Scheduled to be completed within approximately a year from the issuance of the work order, the revamped area beneath the overbridge will boast a variety of amenities catering to diverse interests. Among the planned features are a food court, box cricket facilities, indoor game, and captivating artworks inspired by the theme of Chandrayaan-3, including striking rocket sculptures.

But the transformation doesn't end there. The corporation has broader visions for urban renewal, extending its thematic development plans to the vicinity of Gujarat College and CIMS Hospital flyovers as well.

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