THIS open-air museum in Goa takes you on a visual tour​ of peculiar art pieces & fine artistry!

THIS open-air museum in Goa takes you on a visual tour​ of peculiar art pieces & fine artistry!

Tourists mainly throng this place to observe the display of rural life of Goa, as it was, almost 100 years ago.

In a bid to introduce tourists to Goa beyond its advertised aspects of 'sun, sand and sea', artist Maendra Alvares came up with the Bigfoot Museum. Giving you glimpses of the several trades practised by Goan villagers almost a century ago, this museum is situated almost 30 km away from Panjim. Apart from hosting a mock Goan rural setting called Ancestral Village, Bigfoot Museum is home to an art gallery, an exquisite collection of books and much more! So come over here to behold the past and present of this sunshine state, whenever the pandemic recedes.

An open-air museum showcasing artistic diversity!

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Bigfoot Museum showcases the forgotten arts and craft, among other things, that have left their footprints in the cultural heritage of this state. The artistic diversity of this museum includes some of the most peculiar art pieces, found at the Museum of Crosses and the Rosary Bead Museum.

However, tourists mainly throng to this museum to observe the display of Goan rural life, as it was, about a hundred years ago! Further, the Bigfoot Museum is also host to the Tiatr Hall of Fame, which has been established to honour the actors of past and present, hailing from the Konkan region.

Apart from a tour of this museum, tourists can also participate in several events hosted by Bigfoot to get an immersive experience. The latest event hosted here was a Feni Festival, where participants got to taste the traditional Goan summer drink, Urak and also indulge in different types of Feni.

Knock Knock

As the website of Bigfoot Museum states, this place "encapsulates a vintage patina from when the sun cast sepia hues upon Goa's famed unbroken coastline". This statement alone reverberates the gravity of this museum and why it shouldn't be missed by travellers who have a knack for history. Also, don't forget to carry your camera, mask and sanitiser while you are in this precinct!

Entry Fee: ₹30 (for children) and ₹50 (for adults)

Camera Fee: ₹20

Opening Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM

Location: Cross Museum, Main Road, Salcete District, Loutolim, Goa

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