Did you know? THIS pair of caves in Goa was a meditation place for monks!

Did you know? THIS pair of caves in Goa was a meditation place for monks!

There is more to Goa than the 'sun, sand and sea', read on to discover the Lamgau Caves!

One of the most visited tourist places in India, Goa, is famous for its stunning beaches and lively nightlife. But there's more to Goa than the 'sun sand and sea'. The beach city has several hidden caves left undiscovered by the tourists.

One such gem reflecting the city's past influenced by art and known for its specific architectural style is the Lamgau caves in Goa. Located in Bicholim, 25 kilometres from Panaji, these caverns are believed to be visited by the Pandavas and the Buddhist monks.

Caves of the monks

Lamgau has a pair of caves, carved out of decomposed laterite. The essence of early Buddhism and Hinduism can be pinned through these caverns. The word Lamgau comes from the ancient term, Lamhagram, which translates to the village of Buddhist monks. The caves, carved out to use as a place for meditation by the monks, are a testimony of the bygone era. Legend has it, that these caves were dug by the monks, following the lead of the Pandavas.

Out of the two, the second Lamgau Cave is much larger than the first one. The inside of the first cave holds a pitha whereas the plaza bears a stone linga with tulsi vrindavan and an image of Nandi bull. The opposite cave is larger and deeper with a labyrinthine-like passage. It was used mostly as a hideout against monsoon.

Fall of the Paradise

A perennial spring, that flows near the cave used to cater to the water needs of the area. However, it is mainly used to wash clothes and utensils now. Large open cast iron ore mines are present right over the Lamgau Caves. Due to the worsening conditions of the lakes and streams around Lamgau caused by mining companies, the place stands in a dilapidated state.

As this place is now closed for visitors permanently, you can check out the other caves like Rivona, Yana, Harvalem if you wish to go beyond the beaches in Goa.

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