Goa restarts tourism activities; casinos, spas & nightclubs allowed to open at 50% capacity

Goa restarts tourism activities; casinos, spas & nightclubs allowed to open at 50% capacity

Tourism activities will be open to only those who produce a negative COVID report or full vaccination certificate

Good news travellers, the state of Goa has revived its tourism activities and has opened its borders for movement once again. As per reports, all casinos, spas and nightclubs have been allowed to function at 50% capacity from today onwards. Only those who produce a negative COVID-19 test report or are fully vaccinated will be permitted to enjoy these provisions. The government is said to soon issue the Standard Operating Procedure ( SOPs) for the same.

Goa to attract travellers with its almost-complete vaccination of both doses

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As per the recommendations of the Goa Task Force, the government has reopened all tourism activities in the coastal state from September 20. The move is said to boost the tourism sector here, reviving the economy of the state in specific and the nation at large. All activities will be only available to those who show a negative COVID test report or full vaccination certificate.

It may be noted that the entire eligible local population here has at least received the first shot of the COVID vaccination. The state now aims to achieve 100% coverage of full vaccination by October 31. This will foster a pandemic-safe environment here, attracting tourists and travellers from India and abroad.

The Chief Minister has urged people to be as attentive towards precautionary measures as the state was for vaccination. Though the number of infections has dipped significantly here, the coronavirus threat persists. People must focus to maintain prime safety and hygiene standards to attract a greater tourist influx.

Decision regarding reopening of primary schools to be taken post-Diwali

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The Task Force is said to meet again to ascertain the pandemic situation in Goa with respect to the reopening of offline classes for students of classes 8 to 12. Physical classes are likely to resume from October, informed an official of the government's expert committee for COVID management.

The final call will be taken only after monitoring the situation. Meanwhile, the decision regarding the reopening of primary schools will be taken post-Diwali, he added.

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