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1 lakh more jabs needed to achieve 100% first dose coverage in Goa

With the vaccination of another 1 lakh beneficiaries, Goa will be able to achieve its target 100% COVID vaccination coverage for its eligible population. As per reports, the state has been planning to restart tourism activities after this feat is met. The deadline for the same had been announced as July 31. The CM has appealed to the public to come forward and get the anti-virus jab to accelerate the process.

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Goa government makes inoculation mandatory for school teachers in the state

In a bid to strengthen the guard against the fatal contagion, the Goa state government has made vaccination compulsory for schools teachers, with an exception. As per the rules, all healthy school teachers will have to take the immunity booster jab and only those with a certain medical condition will be exempted from the regulation. Announcing the latest decision on Wednesday, the Chief Minister affirmed that the intervention would help in protecting the students.

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Fatality count dips to a three-month low in Goa as the infection rate dampens!

With the loosening grip of the second wave, the situation has improved remarkably in Goa. Bringing a sigh of relief for the state residents, the death toll clocked just 2 additions on Friday, dipping down to the lowest level since April. Besides this, the active tally has also marked a significant shift downwards, standing at 2,241 patients on Tuesday. As per the official records, 213 new infections and 286 recoveries were recorded in the coastal state on the same day.

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Surla becomes the first Goan village to vaccinate 100% of its eligible population

Marking a remarkable victory against the pandemic, all eligible citizens have been vaccinated in Goa's Surla village. Reportedly, a health official informed on Monday that Surla, located in Sattari Taluka has triumphed in becoming the first village from the coastal state, to register 100% vaccinations. According to records, 50.7% of the state's total entitled population have been given the first jab of the immunity booster vaccine.

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Goa govt unsure of resuming tourism due to uncertainty of predicted third wave

Initially, the Chief Minister of Goa had announced that tourism shall be restarted once all state residents have received the first dose of the vaccine and it was expected that this target shall be achieved by 30 July. However, the unpredictability of the impending third wave of COVID-19 has had an impact on the government's decisions related to tourism. It has been reported that the state government is yet to give its final decision in this regard.

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