Here's a list of 7 fascinating forms of Holi celebrated in India that you should know about

Here's a list of 7 fascinating forms of Holi celebrated in India that you should know about

From spreading happiness to gulal & phool, here are 7 fascinating forms of Holi celebrations in India

'Tis the season of harvest, of colours, of strengthening bonds, and of spreading bliss, because, finally, Holi is here! Let the colours guide you this year to the blessings you well deserve.

Having said that, we've created a list of certain interesting ways in which Holi is celebrated at different places accross India. And here are some of those that you could, perhaps, get inspired by? (winks)

Phoolon Ki Holi in Vrindavan

A rather beautiful way of celebrating Holi in its complete magnitude of elegance and grace, Vrindavan's Phoolon Ki Holi is exactly how it sounds.

Played with fresh flower petals, the fragrant event is observed in the Banke Bihari temple and especially celebrated by devotees of Radha and Krishna. Because where else would the mythological backdrop of Holi come to life if not in Krishna's birthplace on Earth?

Shigmo in Goa

Yet again, welcoming Spring in all vigour, Goa celebrates the Shigmo Utsav during the season. The 14-day-long extravaganza sees huge processions on the streets, performances by dance groups and mythological acts assuming life. The coastal state also celebrates by adorning its boats in Holi themes.

Rang Panchami in Maharashtra

Celebrated in Maharashtra, paying tributes as Krishna Leela, the Rang Panchami observes pandals set up, breaking of pots, and more. The special matki phodna is observed by people forming pyramids and doing just that, besides spraying of water and colours.

Phalgun Purnima in Bihar

Phalgun Purnima in Bihar observed in the latter part of the month of Phalgun — One of the most desi ways of celebrating Holi, where the convention dictates one to indulge in folk songs, drinking thandai, eating gujiyas, lighting up of bonfires, and playing with colours (and even mud).

Basant Utsav in West Bengal

The celebration of Holi in India's West Bengal entails an interesting set of affairs — from people dressing in yellow at Basant Utsav and playing with gulal to embarking on the Dola Yatra or a procession and having fun with abeer. The festival brims with music and cultural activities throughout.

Manjal Kuli of Kerala

People bathed in haldi and glistening in bright yellow — the mellow Manjal Kuli (or Ukuli) takes place in Kerala. With traditional folk songs playing, people engage in turmeric and water, instead of gulal, here.

Royal Holi of Jaipur

One of the most unique yet extraordinary ways of celebrating Holi with fervour is Rajasthani Holi. A delightful sight, the royal population of Jaipur city palace throws a lavish ceremony, where locals can also join. This makes the overall event a tourist attraction. Besides, people observe Dhulandi Holi here, Holi at Govind Dev ji Temple, and the hueful Elephant Festival.

A zestful Holi - the Indian way

Besides the above, there's so many others and some of these types of Holi are worth mentioning — the Yoasang in Manipur, Dhulandi Holi in Haryana, Kaman Padigai in Tamil Nadu, Lathmar Holi in Uttar Pradesh, and Hola Mohalla of Punjab.

The nation stands culturally-bedecked and artistically-rich when it comes to festivals and the glorious observation of the same. The secularity in us is showcased throughout as everyone partakes and is united by love and happiness.

Here's a list of 7 fascinating forms of Holi celebrated in India that you should know about
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