#LetsFootball: ISL Development League for U-21 player to kickstart in Goa from April 15

#LetsFootball: ISL Development League for U-21 player to kickstart in Goa from April 15

In a first, ISL Development League for U-21 players to begin in Goa from April 15

In a first, Football Sports Development Limited is all set to kickstart an ISL Development League next month! To be held across two venues in South Goa, this introductory league is set to start on April 15 and end on May 20. With the aim to give a boost to this sport at the grassroots level, this league will offer a platform to the reserve players and developmental players to showcase their talents. Read on to know the eligibility criteria and other details of the upcoming league.

Seven ISL clubs confirm participation

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According to the eligibility criteria laid down by the organisers, only players born on or after January 1, 2001, can take part in the ISL Development League. However, the teams are allowed to have a maximum of 5 players born on or after January 1, 1999. Out of these, only three players can be a part of the playing 11 in the competition.

So far, Hyderabad FC, Jamshedpur FC, FC Goa, Kerala Blasters FC, Mumbai City FC, Chennaiyin FC, Bengaluru FC have confirmed their participation in the upcoming Development League. Reportedly, this tournament will be played in a Round-Robin format wherein each team will play 8 games. While each team will get at least 2 days of rest after every match, a stipulated 4-day rest period will also be observed after completing half league. Only the top two teams will qualify for the next phase of this tournament.

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