iTHRIVE's drug-free programme is here to help you overcome hypertension & lead a healthy lifestyle

iTHRIVE's drug-free programme is here to help you overcome hypertension & lead a healthy lifestyle

Team up with iTHRIVE to solve your high blood pressure problems without medical intervention!

Are you amongst those taken aback by the recent news of youth suffering due to heart problems? And have you yet had an epiphany regarding your own, or your loved ones', heart health? If yes, we're here with a brand new and efficient answer to all those concerns — iTHRIVE.

A health and wellness start-up, iTHRIVE provides medicine-free solutions to all health issues and stands by you throughout your healing journey. A well-known start-up in the field, iTHRIVE believes you are capable of beating chronic health diseases without any sort of medical intervention!

If you've been looking for ways to overcome hypertension, iTHRIVE can be your companion to help you stick to a healthy regime and guide you along the stairway to freedom!

Know about Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure (BP), is a fairly common condition running high amidst the current generations. The condition directly affects the arteries. What happens is that the force of the blood that pushes against the walls of the arteries is very high, which is why the heart has to work harder to pump blood.

While the normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg, hypertension is the BP reading of 130/80 mm Hg or higher. Hypertension can lead to chronic kidney problems, cardiac issues, brain stroke, and others.

As per WHO data, some 1.28 billion people in the age range of 30-79 years suffer from hypertension.

How iTHRIVE comes into play

iTHRIVE works on functional nutrition principles, which involves carrying out advanced testing to reach the root cause of the disease. They, then, put in efforts to reverse the same through lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, and so on. Since hypertension is a lifestyle disease, it can be defeated with the help of simple lifestyle and diet therapy.

"We don’t recommend using pharma drugs owing to their side effects, especially with long-term usage," shares the wellness brand.

Here are some of effective self-help non-drug measures that iTHRIVE suggests you can take to reverse mild hypertension:

-Improving metabolic health: Since in most cases, hypertension is caused by metabolic dysfunction because of insulin resistance, iTHRIVE advises improving your metabolic function. Losing excess body fat is one way to go about it, while periodic fasting is also a handy tool to modulate insulin levels.

-Increase potassium and magnesium intake: Both potassium and magnesium, healthy minerals for the body, can be consumed to control high blood pressure.

-'Consider' the sodium intake: iTHRIVE advises to increase OR decrease your sodium intake, depending on your BP levels. The patient needs to resort to his/her salt sensitivity issue. "What we recommend is to increase and decrease your sodium intake and track your blood pressure simultaneously to see if a higher salt intake is triggering hypertension for you," says iTHRIVE.

- Reduce artificial white light: iTHRIVE suggests avoiding artificial white lights after the sunset, to facilitate melatonin production and relax the nerves. You should also avoid looking at the screen two hours before sleeping.

Besides the aforementioned, simple changes like being mindful of what you eat, sticking to a healthy calorie deficit and eating whole foods, getting adequate sleep, reducing stress, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, can aid in your healing journey. Supplements like magnesium, garlic, omega 3, co-Q10, vitamin K2 can also help beat hypertension.

However, if you do need professional help, you can book a consultation call with iTHRIVE and a practitioner will get in touch with you! For a better life, check out iTHRIVE here.


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iTHRIVE's drug-free programme is here to help you overcome hypertension & lead a healthy lifestyle
Looking for ways to reverse diabetes with lifestyle changes? iTHRIVE is here to help!

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