Indore's civic body & health dept conduct tests of those violating COVID norm at major crossroads

Indore's civic body & health dept conduct tests of those violating COVID norm at major crossroads

Testing camps set up in Indore jointly by IMC & state health dept to fight the second wave.

Indore Municipal Corporation and the state health department have joined hands to combat the second surge of covid in the city. Joint teams by these two units are conducting COVID-19 tests, at every major crossroad, of those individuals who are seen flouting covid norms. These tests done randomly on individuals, are expected to help flatten the curve in Indore, thereby, easing curfew restrictions at the earliest.

80-90 tests conducted by each team, every day!

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As per the latest reports, teams of individuals from the state health department and Indore's Municipal Corporation have set testing camps at various locations across the city. Both Antigen Test and RT-PCR are being conducted on residents who are seen flouting the covid norms by either not wearing a mask or not following social distancing protocol.

The test reports are shared over mobile phone numbers that are being noted down, along with Aadhaar details, at the time of sample collection. Those individuals whose reports are positive are being provided with treatment by the state health department. Further, these teams are also educating the masses about covid appropriate behaviour and why its important.

Each team is performing 80-90 tests on an average, per day and not a single positive case has emerged in the last two days. Earlier the teams were doing door-to-door testing but these camps have been set up so that people can be tested at random and as soon as possible. This will help in flattening the curve in Indore which will aid in easing down the curfew restrictions implemented across the city, at the earliest.

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