Want to travel back to the 19th century? Take a look at Indore's 163-yo White Church!

The White Church of Indore is a part of India's colonial history, frozen in time.

With an aim to find solace and camaraderie in a strange land, Europeans constructed churches in Northern India. A part of this religious expansion led to the establishment of Indore's famous White Church. Situated in the heart of the city, at the centre of the White Church Colony, the high white walls of this 19th-century architectural wonder are a true reflection of the peacefulness radiated by this city.

Historical magnificence of the White Church

Initially named as St Ann's Church, the foundation of White Church was dug at the fag end of the Revolt of 1857. Located in the heart of Indore city, near the famous Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium, it is believed to be the oldest monument of Indore and the oldest church in Central India. The construction was completed in 1858 under the aegis of Sir Robert North Hamilton, who was serving as an agent of the Governor-General of India at the time.

The beautiful arches are said to be a reflection of the colonial architectural style, designed by Engineer Ross McMohan whose statue stands today at Lal Baug. The cascading whiteness of the church has distinguished it as an epitome of beauty in the eyes of the general public. The White Church complex now houses two buildings - the new building has been constructed for daily prayers and modelled in the image of the old (original) one which has been declared as a heritage site.

The White Church was originally built for the Protestant Christian community of Indore and its construction was financed by a large number of donations from dignitaries and devotees. Gradually, its fame grew internationally and the footfall increased as Britishers from England came to pay obeisances at the White Church.

White Church attracts devotees of all faiths


Having completed 163 years, the White Church is a hotspot for tourists all year long. However, it is a special attraction during the annual festival of Christmas, when the church is lit up and history enthusiasts can sightsee while enjoying melodious carols. The special afternoon mass registers attendance in huge numbers from devotees of all faiths.

Further, 9th August marks the foundation day of this venerated church, which is celebrated every year in a grand manner with devotees carrying processions and conducting prayers all day long. The White Church is a monument where beauty meets serenity and preservation of this historical landmark, will forever instil a feeling of oneness and brotherhood among all.

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