Vaccination drive picks pace in Indore with the arrival of 17,000 Covishield doses on Monday

Vaccination drive picks pace in Indore with the arrival of 17,000 Covishield doses on Monday

Now, 65 inoculation sites are administering COVID-19 jab to people ages between 18 to 44 in Indore.

The COVID-19 phase 3 vaccinations have been amplified in Indore for all adults up to 44 years of age, with the arrival of 17,000 Covishield doses on Monday. As per reports, around 30 additional vaccination sites were set up here to widen the scope of the immunity drive. Now, 65 inoculation sites will administer the COVID-19 jab to people aged between 18 to 44 in Indore.

Vaccination process on in full swing in Indore

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COVID-19 vaccination drive for the 18 to 44 year age group in Indore has been progressing through a hurdled course amid the dose crunch. Though the phase 3 inoculation program started here on May 1, streamlined with the national launch, the number of vaccination sites have been significantly below the sufficient mark. The number of slots, thus available are restrictedly low, making it difficult for the people to avail the jab.

However, these woes are now expected to settle in view of the arrival of a major Covishield consignment in Indore. The health department has consequently set pace to the inoculation activity by launching the jab at 65 vaccination sites in Indore, for people in the 18-44 age group. The District Immunisation Officier informed that about 15 lakh people have been listed as beneficiaries in the age group. The 17,000 new doses will help the department to intensify and meet this target, he further added.

The official also informed that they have resumed the vaccination drive for those over 45 years, which was suspended last week amid the vaccine shortage. The first dose of COVAXIN will not be available for this category in Indore due to resource shortage.

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