Entwined with MP's rich culture, the healthy wheat-based Dal Bafla from Indore is a must-try

Entwined with MP's rich culture, the healthy wheat-based Dal Bafla from Indore is a must-try

Indore is a city of culinary wonders — only when you know where and what to eat!

Renowned for its crunchy delicacies like Poha Jalebi and Khatte Samose, Indore is storehouse of super affordable yet scrumptious street food items.

One of many, served on the side of zesty dal, Dal Bafla from Indore is another drool-worthy Malwa cuisine fit for every meal! The dish is a confluence of Daal baati churma from Rajasthan with the flavours of traditional Daal bafla from Madhya Pradesh. The heavenly blend is something a foodie can’t afford to miss, when in the city!

Dal Bafla, a close relative to Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bafla, a dish hailing from Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, might come across as an exact twin of Dal Baati to many but if you are observant enough, you’d be able to tell the difference.

Lighter in texture, Bafla is boiled before it is baked, thus, making it much softer than baati. Served with a tangy chutney or achaar on the side, Dal Bafla is a paradisal snack for the all food lovers, and guess what? It’s both nutritious and filling, too!

Garnished with fresh coriander leaves, Dal Bafla is a household name in Indore. Tempted much yet? If yes, here are some simple steps by which you can prepare this delicacy at home.

Prepare baflas at home!

For the delicious baflas, you first need to prepare a dough of wheat, and add fennel seeds, carom seeds and a pinch of salt. Roll the dough into seamless balls, and then soak them in warm turmeric water. You'd then see a yellow colour. Once cooked, pull out the balls and pat them dry. And you're almost there! Pre-heat your oven at 150 degrees, cuz it's time to bake the tender balls.

And voila! You're done. Smack your lips on these crumbled mounds, dipped in tangy toor daal and melted ghee. Pair it with your afternoon tea and you're good to go!

Where to have Dal Bafla in Indore 

Accompanied by chutneys and Ratlami sev, a classic Malwa thali would comprise some baflas, toor daal, masala jeera aalu and rava laddu. And the best places to savour this dish in Indore, by unanimous public opinion, are Hotel Rajhans and Shri Nakoda Dham bhojnalay.

And now that we've told you the ABCs of MP's famous street snack Dal Bafla (and you're welcome), it is time that you try your hands at the easy recipe at the comfort of your homes! And, perhaps, if you're not from Indore, add it to the list of your must-have foods, once you're there!

Entwined with MP's rich culture, the healthy wheat-based Dal Bafla from Indore is a must-try
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