Make your way to Indore's Outdoor Play Arena with your squad to let off some steam this weekend!

Make your way to Indore's Outdoor Play Arena with your squad to let off some steam this weekend!

Watch the live screening of the India versus England T20 match here on the 20th of March at 7 PM.

If football is your first love, then why not take the challenge a notch-up and try playing it when half-encased by a torus bubble? Indulge in this and many other offbeat and fun-filled activities with your buddies, right here in Indore, with a visit to Outdoor Play Arena. A haven for adventure aficionados, this is the place you should be at, if you don't have enough leaves from the office for an elaborate getaway. Offering an array of food options and thrill-rides for everyone, this place is an ideal destination for anyone looking to blow some steam off!

Let the entertainment begin!

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Offering an impressive range of exciting activities that allow you to take a break from your mundane routine, the Outdoor Play Arena is one of the best amusement parks in the city of Indore. Recently, this location also hosted the Indore Kite Festival and Valentine's Day celebrations, which witnessed huge participation from the city-dwellers.

While adults can indulge in a healthy dose of adrenaline rush with activities such as zipline, skycycle, go-karting and rocket-ejector, among others, children can enjoy themselves at the ball pool, roller stairs and other activities in the Kids Zone. Further, they are revolutionising indoor games by making them outdoorsy, like introducing Human Foosball, thereby, making it a one-stop entertainment centre!

Knock Knock

If you are a cricket fan, then rush to this place on 20 March 2021, at 7 PM, to watch the screening of the India versus England T20 match over scrumptious food with your friends. Further, you need not worry about covid contamination as all safety measures are being ensured on the premises. No more nudges needed, we guess!

Timings: 11 AM to 9 PM

Location: Jhalaria, ahead of Jalsa Garden

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