Craving a snack with chai? Try out Indore's Bina Tala Samosa, for a taste of the city's speciality

Craving a snack with chai? Try out Indore's Bina Tala Samosa, for a taste of the city's speciality

Ditch the regular chai-pakoda combo and add the crispness of Bina Tala Samosa to your evening snack session.
Indore is an undisputed haven for street food lovers and among the drool-worthy delicacies available here, is Bina Tala Samosa. While you must've tasted different kinds of samosas, this
version will push your love for the generic samosa into oblivion. So if the mere thought of this crispy and flaky street food tingles your tastebuds, then the
Sanchi Point located opposite Abhay Prashal,
is where you need to be!

All about sev; the ultimate love language of Indoreans!

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Served with freshly chopped onions, ketchup and sev (obviously!), this multi-layered snack is what the locals call, Bina Tala Samosa (BTS) or Baked Samosa. Believed to be a healthier version of the regular samosa, this variant is baked and not deep-fried in oil. The several strips of white flour dough covered in margarine and rolled over the other during the preparation, justify why Baked Samosas are so crispy and flaky!

While you can find this delicacy being served at several street-side food joints, we recommend that you make your way to the Sanchi Point opposite Abhay Prashal to dive into the spicy flavour of this snack, served with grated cheese, mayonnaise and Schezwan chutney, under ₹35!

Knock Knock

One bite of Bina Tala Samosa is all you need to zap your senses with flavour. So get over the generic samosas and try out this baked sev-oury ASAP because your trip to Indore is gonna be incomplete without wolfing down at least a plate or two of this delight!

Cost for two: ₹100 (approx.)

Location: Sanchi Point (Race Course Road, opposite Abhay Prashal)

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