There's nothing like 'too much coffee' when seated amid artistic visuals at Indore's Café Palette

There's nothing like 'too much coffee' when seated amid artistic visuals at Indore's Café Palette

Chant with us - "Coffee. Art. Sleep. Repeat."

The cherry on top of the blossoming café culture in Indore is Café Palette, a unique eatery-cum-gallery that is winning the hearts of caffeinators and aesthetes with its brewed-to-perfection coffee and flamboyant decor. The best part about this café is that you have privacy in a public place, as seating areas are segregated here! So head to this Instagrammy cafe to explore an explosion of colours amid the sweet aroma of coffee with your 'someone special'.

But first, coffee!

The tourism in Indore just went a notch higher, as space designers and creators have started experimenting with variegated decor themes. After being stumped by the pandemic for months, restaurants have come up with innovative ways to bring back visitors and a result of one such effort extraordinaire is Café Palette.

Café Pallete is making way to the heart of its diners with exquisite culinary preparations, cosy ambience and offbeat artistic entertainment. Located in the heart of Indore, this café is becoming a popular adda among connoisseurs of art, work buddies and people looking for a perfect venue for their date.

Divided into three floors, the ground floor of this café houses all the retail sections- an artisanal bakery, an ice-cream parlour, a pop-up store that manages the sales of apparels and goodies and an exhibition hall for artists and designers to sell their work- be it paintings or apparels.

On the first floor, is the main café with an eclectic theme and unpartitioned but separate rooms, each having its own artful decor. As visitors move towards the terrace, they are welcomed by gazebos and an open seating area, which is perfect to enjoy a cuppa along with some good music!

A lot can happen over art

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The unique Palette Art Studio, housed in this café, has been introduced with the belief that art has a profound effect on the cognitive capacity of young people and it is a great way to reach out to people with special needs. Further, by providing an affordable art space for exhibitions, this art studio is ensuring the proliferation of art in the community.

Cafés have been the lynchpin of several intellectual movements and Palette plans to usher in an era where communities learn by interacting with creative arts. In near future, Café Palette might become the Les Deux Magots Café of France, which was frequented by the likes of Hemingway and Simone de Beauvoir.

Knock Knock

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Do you know a perfect couple? We do- Coffee and Art. Do you know where they went on a date recently? At Indore's Café Palette! Want to go on a double date with Coffee and Art? Then plan a visit soon!

Average Cost: ₹800

Must Try: "Coffee with art"

Opening Hours: 1 PM to 11 PM

Location: Saket, Old Palasia

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