This stall at Indore's Sarafa Bazar will give you beach feels with its coconut crush in a kulhad!

This stall at Indore's Sarafa Bazar will give you beach feels with its coconut crush in a kulhad!

As stalls return to the Sarafa Bazar in Indore, you should too; Get your hands on this amazing refreshment now!

We all have dearly missed relishing our favourite street-food and the woes run even deeper if you are in India's very own food city Indore. With hygiene, safety and health glaring at us as precautions, we have found you a solution that'll surely refresh you! This tiny roadside-stall can be spotted in Indore's Sarafa Bazar and is famed for serving kulhad coconut crush made of real coconut flesh and water. So what are you waiting for, mask-up and get going to bless your soul with those beachy-vibes in Indore!

Indore's famous coconut kulhad crush

This stall at Indore's Sarafa Bazar is your cheapest resort to get into the beach vibes, foodies. At just ₹50/- a serving, your palate will confirm that this, in fact, is how vacations taste like! Made with fresh coconut water and malai, this Naariyal kulhad crush is 'the real' exquisiteness you can have when you are on the city streets. Since it is made in completely closed food-processers and mixers, you don't have to worry about hygiene as you indulge in this rich deliciousness!

The vendor makes the drink right before you, which is enough to testify that it is fresh and safe! The process is rather exciting, and you get to see how in just a few simple steps this wonder-delicacy can be churned out for you. While the coconut flesh and water are mixed, what makes this kulhad an absolute-must-try is the fact that it is topped with bits of coconut, which make it all the more pulpy and wholesome.

So what we are saying is:

As stalls are returning to the street markets, do not starve yourself of the thrill to enjoy your favourite road-side dishes! Take all precautions and accept the new normal as you head out to Sarafa Bazar this weekend, to pamper your senses with this refreshing-cool aid!

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