IIM Indore and Madhya Pradesh Police collaborate to ensure effective road management

IIM Indore and Madhya Pradesh Police collaborate to ensure effective road management

Did you know? Over 70% of road accidents occur due to over-speeding? Read on to know more about IIM Indore's road safety programme

With an aim to establish a framework offering solutions for road safety, IIM-Indore signed an MoU with Police Training and Research Institute Bhopal. Reportedly, in India annually, 1.5 lac people perish due in road accidents.

Other than lane indiscipline, jumping red lights, drunk driving, and using a mobile phone while driving, more than 70% of road accidents occur due to over-speeding. It also accounts for 6% of the deaths caused due to road accidents.

How accidents lead to a fall in GDP?

The MoU signed between IIM Indore, and Police Headquarters, Bhopal, will ensure collaboration and cooperation for research and knowledge sharing in the field of road safety.

Under this agreement, root causes leading to accidents will be identified by the team, and the officers' training will be based on the findings of the research. As per reports, 55% of road accidents take place on highways, and one-third of the wounded are on two-wheelers. Accidents lead to slow vehicular movement on highways or city roads, putting a major dent in the state's logistics, leading to a reduction in the GDP rate.

The MoU targets women's safety on the road and a reduction in the number of road accidents by 10% annually, by reinforcing law and order in the city.

Faculty exchange will nurture young officers with crucial insights

Every year over 12,000 people lose their lives in road accidents in Madhya Pradesh alone. With the increase in the number of cases related to road safety and other social issues, IIM Indore's training modules and faculty exchange programme will further augment officers' managerial and leadership skills.

The two organisations will collaborate on resolving road safety issues in the state, thereby contributing to the administrative growth of Madhya Pradesh, identifying the accident-prone areas, generating awareness among the citizens about road safety measures, boosting the infrastructure, and preparing guidelines for traffic rules as per the area's requirement.

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