IIM Indore kicks off campus remodelling project 'Abhyudaya' | Know key features

IIM Indore kicks off campus remodelling project 'Abhyudaya' | Know key features

A transition to a zero-emission campus model is in the works.

IIM Indore, inaugurated the 8th version of Project 'Abhudaya' this Wednesday, under which the campus will undergo a major revamp. The inauguration included a groundbreaking ceremony, emphasising various infrastructure upgrades aimed at enhancing academic facilities.

The significant upgrades and additions under the 8th Project Abhyudaya constitute:

  • Focus on transitioning the campus operations to a net-zero emission model.

  • Integration of renewable energy sources such as solar power systems and solar water heating

  • Optimisation of building design to maximise natural sunlight and ventilation, reducing reliance on artificial cooling and heating systems

  • Installation of e-charging kiosks in 30% of the institute's parking spaces to promote the use of electric vehicles.

  • Expansion of academic facilities, including a new academic building to accommodate 870 students, along with additional classrooms and offices.

  • A state-of-the-art cafeteria and an incubation block will also be developed within the campus.

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