Over 3000 DL gets delayed after Indore RTO runs out of smart-chip cards

Over 3000 DL gets delayed after Indore RTO runs out of smart-chip cards

A similar issue last year delayed the printing of DLs by more than 2 months

The Indore Regional Transport Office (RTO) has run out of blank cards, resulting in a long delay in the issuing of driving licenses to applicants who have already passed the driving test. Many complaints regarding the same have been filed, however, the delay seems to be increasing day by day. According to reports, about 3000 applicants have been waiting for more than a month for their driving licenses.

Delays caused on various levels

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Apart from the unavailability of blank cards, delays have been experienced on operational levels as well. Since driving licenses are not being printed, new applications have also been piling up. According to RTO Jitendra Raghuvanshi, about 3000 blank cards were received a few days back which were duly processed and ended up getting over due to a large number of applications.

Additionally, the authorities have already made the request for 10,000 cards, however, a specific timeline to end the operational delay is unknown. The concerned department has blamed the smart-chip manufacturing company for the delay. Earlier, A technical issue in the new online portal of the transport department had caused the delay in the printing of licence cards, due to which over 2000 applicants had to wait for more than one month.

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