In Pics | Artists revive street art in Indore, paint walls with vibrant & beautiful designs

In Pics | Artists revive street art in Indore, paint walls with vibrant & beautiful designs

Graffiti around Indore gives mundane roads a pop of colour

Indore is known to be the cleanest city in the country but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. The city also offers you art to please the eyes. There are numerous locations in the city like roadsides, boundary walls, colleges, public buildings, and even public toilets that are beautified by murals, graffiti, Warli, etc. The city has become an exhibition for aesthetically pleasing artwork over the years. Not only locals but artists from other cities have also contributed to the beautification of Indore. Let’s take a look at some of these great works.

Public establishments like railway stations and jails turned into empty canvases

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A few years back, when Indore was first recognised as the cleanest city following Swaccha Bharat Survekshan, the civic body spared no heart and effort to beautify the city. The walls of public toilets, railway stations, and roadsides were quickly covered with various art forms. You can see Warli patterns, murals from tales like the jungle book, and Gond and Mandana art local to central India and other parts.

Apart from locals being hired to take Indore’s visual appeal higher, many artists from metros like Mumbai have also had their hand in it. As part of the beautification project in Indore, a street art group called Wicked Broz also painted numerous murals across the city.

Graffiti, a tool for appreciation and awareness

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During COVID times, the municipal corporation in the city also took to wall art and had painted murals of frontline workers and people following COVID-19 protocols. This worked beautifully as an effort to raise awareness and appreciate frontline warriors during the debilitating pandemic. These paintings not only salute the commendable efforts of the officials but also depict the socially correct way to use a mask- covering the nose, mouth and chin.

There are nearly no major locations where you cannot find aesthetically appealing street art. It not only beautifies and gives the city a clean appearance but also reflects the love that the administration and the people of Indore hold for their city.

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