Air passengers in Indore can now travel freely without a negative RT-PCR report

Air passengers in Indore can now travel freely without a negative RT-PCR report

Travellers at the Indore airport are further exempted from showing their vaccination certificate for boarding the flight.

Amid the receding wave of coronavirus in Indore, the district administration has ordained airport authorities to relax certain travel norms. Now, passengers flying to and from the airbase are not required to produce a negative COVID RT-PCR test report to board the flight. Further, they are also exempted from showing their vaccination certificate to gain permission for entry in the airport or the aircraft. Other protocols such as masks and face shields will remain prevalent.

All flights operating from Indore airport to grant the 'no-test' ease

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With the onset of the second wave of coronavirus, the Indore administration had made it mandatory for all travellers to show a negative RT-PCR COVID test report, conducted within 24 hours of travel, in order to board the flight. However, in a new set of guidelines intimated by the management, this rule has been slashed completely.

Passengers can now directly get a boarding pass on the basis of their tickets and undertake the travel. All flights operating from the Indore air terminal will grant this ease, read reports.

Earlier, travellers also had to testify that they were COVID safe by the authority of a vaccination certificate. Passengers were permitted to board the flight only after the verification of this certificate. This too has now been withdrawn. The district administration has directed airport authorities and officials to stop asking for this certificate. As such, air travel is open to all - without the obligation of extra documents or certificates to affirm COVID negativity. However, all other safety protocols, such as wearing maks and maintaining safe social distance, will be applicable.

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