COVID cases in Indore scale a marginal dip as 1,627 test positive for the infection on Monday

COVID cases in Indore scale a marginal dip as 1,627 test positive for the infection on Monday

A downward trend in COVID tallies promise the plateauing of the volatile second swell of infection in Indore

The coronavirus infection graph in Indore has charted a minuscule dip in fresh COVID tallies, harnessing a small yet significant respite for the city dwellers. The downward trend promises the plateauing of the second swell of the infection rise, which had gripped Indore since April 13, this year. Though the test positivity rate still looms in double-digits, it has been noted that the number of critical patients has reduced considerably in Indore.

6th consecutive day of infection decline

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On Monday, the fresh spike of coronavirus cases in Indore logged in 1,627 new detections, marking the 6th consecutive day of infection decline. However, absolute COVID-19 tallies have highlighted that more than 13% of the cases here have been reported in the last 10 days. Therefore, while the dip is progress, the road to recovery is both, long and steep here.

As of now, recovery numbers are erratic in Indore that justify the increased active load here. As per reports, a 40% surge was noted in the active tallies across the district in the month of April. While this has plummeted in view of the current 85.9% recovery rate, Indore has cemented its place as the worst-hit region in Madhya Pradesh.

1,024 recoveries on Monday in Indore

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On Monday, about 1,024 recoveries were clocked in here raising the recovery achievement to 1,10,370 cases, as yet. As far as fatality is concerned, the toll tipped by 8 more deaths in the last 24 hours, pushing the total count to 1,212 fatalities in the district. The inoculation drive pricked momentum and around 23,376 vaccines were provided on Monday. So far, 8,38,049 jabs have been administered in Indore.

92-yo COVID hero of Indore is keeping others motivated!

While the COVID situation is fanning a general sense of hysteria and despair among the public, there are a few COVID survivors who are leaving no stones unturned to keep the patients and people positive and calm in these troubled times. One such personality who has won several hearts with her courage and will against the COVID-19 infection is the 92-year-old Dhairya Prabha Devi Sojatia of Indore.

Her lungs were critically (65%) infected with the infection and she was admitted to the hospital for 8 days. The woman not only battled COVID-19 bravely but also emerged as a victorious role model for many city dwellers. The elderly woman released a video message addressing all corona patients a day before her discharge, where she appealed to the people to be strong-willed amid these hours of dread. Famed across the Malwa Nirmar zone, her video has gone viral and is helping others now to defeat the virus!

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