In an attempt to regulate traffic, no new statues will be installed at crossings in Indore!

In an attempt to regulate traffic, no new statues will be installed at crossings in Indore!

Say good bye to statues and traffic jams!

Indore's city planning is about to witness a major shift under the ambit of the allotment of land to the government. According to the new rules, no road, intersection, three-way junction or crossroad in the city will be permitted to install a statuette or figurine. This decision has been taken in order to solve and regulate the issue of rising traffic jams in the city during rush hours.

Statues are no longer a part of road development projects in Indore

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Dear Indoris, if heavy traffic jams and crowds at city crossroads were on the list of your travel problems, then we have a good news for you! In a new rule, the town planning of Indore will eliminate the installation of any statue or figurine at roads, which will help to maintain a moving traffic on the city roads. Both architects and traffic experts in the city have blamed the statues at city squares to be the reason of slow-paced or static traffic, as vehicles are usually caught in the lock-in due to lack of space. Many experts have claimed that these ornate installation take up space, staggering the halt duration are crossroads to over 5 minutes or more.

Besides assimilating large crowds, these statues stand as impeding hurdles before several new developmental projects. The flyover construction on the Begali corssing in the city is stuck as an idol stands in the way of the construction road map. This statue was supposed to be shifted after the completition of the initial flyover work. The removal and re-installation cost surge past ₹4 crores for the contractor, which shoots the project budget from ₹ 28 crores to ₹32 crores.

Besides Bengali crossing, traffic issues have also been observed at Bengali Colony, Vijay Nagar, Khajrana, Bombay Hospital and Rajiv Gandhi Square in the city.

A tried and tested formula

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Indore has already applied this formula at various regions, where reducing the size of the rotary and/or shifting the idol or statue helped to regulate traffic in the city. In 2003, the rotaries of the Ramsingh Bhai on Patnipura Crossroad and Regal's Gandhi Statue were reduced, while in 2005 the statue of Maharana Pratap and Mhow Naka Crossroad was removed and re-installed on the roadside. Last year, in 2019, the rotary of Musakhadi Corssroad was reduced, however, the statue at the centre was not disturbed or shifted.

Travel and commute has become a lot of convenient after the shift of the Visvesvaraya statue on SGSITS, Laxman Gaur statue on Mhow block and thus, this rule of no new installations, will surely help in controlling the traffic on Indore's streets.

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