Indore Cop extends 'Helping Hand' to the kin of COVID patients with free food delivery service

Indore Cop extends 'Helping Hand' to the kin of COVID patients with free food delivery service

Ranjeet Singh and his constable colleagues' have delivered free food to around 250 COVID stricken people in Indore

The prohibitory restrictions imposed in wake of coronavirus infection have put a screeching halt on other activities as well. As a result, several COVID-19 patients in home isolation or hospitals and even their families are struggling to arrange for food. Around 250 such people have been lent the support of 'Helping Hand', a noble initiative of the Indore police, wherein they deliver free food to patients and their families amid the gruesome hours of this pandemic. Under the vision of Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police Head Constable Ranjeet Singh, a team of constable colleagues prepare food before and after duty and reach out to the needy.

Helping Hand helps over 50 people each day!

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Ranjeet Singh, famed for his suave moonwalking skills across the internet community, has now turned to be of service to the people who are in need of cooked meals. These include COVID-19 patients in isolation, in hospital or quarantine and even their families. The founding stone of Helping Hand was established a month ago when the constable realised the people are not able to procure food despite having money. When Singh handed over his tiffin to provide food for one patient who has his family at the MTH Hospital, around 15 more such needy came up to him.

With no resources at hand, he called for the assistance of his team to arrange cooked meals for all. Since then, Bal Mukund, Ravi, Rajesh, Gajendra, Tara Chand and traffic police crane driver Munna Ansari deliver food to over 50 people each day. They cook the food at the police station and provide lunch and dinner packets to attendants of COVID patients at DNS, MTH, MY, Laal and Government Super Specialty Hospitals in Indore. The service is also extended to patients in isolation who have no means to get food.

Reportedly, Ranjeet Singh and his team of colleagues at 'Helping Hand' wish to keep the service afloat even after the lockdown is lifted. Singh stated that the assistance will be operating till there are people in need of food.

Knock Knock

His strong social media presence and connections have attracted several people, from other walks of life, to come forward to support his cause. Singh has been putting out videos and photos of this cause and has garnered immense love from all. He has appealed to the people to support 'Helping Hand' monetarily once the lockdown fades away.

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