COVID cases in Indore exceed beyond ​the 1500-mark on Tuesday for over 3 weeks in a row!

COVID cases in Indore exceed beyond ​the 1500-mark on Tuesday for over 3 weeks in a row!

On Tuesday, as many as 1,805 people tested positive for the coronavirus infection in Indore.

The rising scale of COVID-19 infections continues to cast the horrors of the pandemic in Indore, with the addition of 1,805 new cases on Tuesday. Besides adding to the active load, this new surge denotes that the daily spike of the fresh cases in Indore, has surged over the 15,000-mark for over 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the dip in the recovery rate further intensifies the pandemic crisis in the district.

6,000 vials of Remdesivir arrived in the city

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As of now, Indore has reported a total of 1,18,085 confirmed cases, the highest across Madhya Pradesh. Consequently, the city is also nursing the largest share of 11,702 active cases in the state while recovery here is marked at 84.9%. This has resulted in 916 discharges and 6 virus-related deaths on Tuesday. As yet, total recoveries stand at 1,05,214 cases while the mortality count has touched 1,169 deaths.

Meanwhile, in a bid to aid the state's recovery model and medical set up, Indore welcomed about 6,000 vials of Remdesivir injections on Tuesday. Except for the 1,056 stocks reserved for the city, the entire consignment was shipped to the MP divisional headquarters for further allotment among other districts. As per reports, about 1,104 of these will be sent to Bhopal while 960 will be rationed to Jabalpur. Sagar will receive 256 vials and 768 vials each will be sent to the cities of Gwalior, Ujjain and Rewa.

The government has deployed helicopters and aircrafts for the speedy movement of these vials to the divisional headquarters, amid the high demand during the COVID courage. Additionally, the security of these life-saving injections has also been prioritised to prevent black marketing of doses in the middle of an acute resource shortage. The safe transport of the medicines will help the health department to treat its critical patients effectively, minimising the threat of coronavirus.

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